119 – Brant Ave PS (UGDSB Librarian Interview) and Village of Arbour Trails (3 women)

Michelle, UGDSB.jpeg

Original Recording Date: April, 2018

Guests: (Brant Ave PS) Students interviewing Michelle – the head librarian from the UGDSB, and (Village of Arbour Trails) Part 1 of my conversation with three women residents I met in the cafe.

Today the students at Brant Ave PS interview Michelle, the head librarian from the Upper Grand District School Board, and for the second half of the show I air the first half of my chat with three women from over at The Village of Arbour Trails retirement home.  I caught these women mid-enthusiastic conversation about how after hitting the age 90, we should start aging backwards and getting younger.  Music by Angela Saini.

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