118 – Village of Arbour Trails, Village of Riverside Glen (Jeff), and Brant Ave PS (Gurvir, Jalele and Gigi)

Guelph airpark airplane.jpg

Original Recording Date: April, 2018

Guests: (Village of Arbour Trails) A wonderful man who spotted me, and came over and sang to me, (Village of Riverside Glen) Jeff and CFRU volunteer Anna Bowen, (Brant Ave PS) Gurvir, Jalele, and Gigi

The beginning of this episode features one of my favourite selections of interviews to date. This episode has everything from a completely moving encounter with a The Village of Arbour Trails retirement home resident who sang to me, to volunteer Anna Bowen bonding with a The Village of Riverside Glen resident about airplanes, to an assortment of students (Gurvir, Jalele and Gigi) from Brant Ave PS trying out their interview skills for the very first time. Music by Shawna Caspi, and Zed Ergo

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