120 – Brant Ave Ps (Gurvir & Jazzy, Alex & Langston & William, and an Author Profile on C.J. London) as well as Part 2 of my chat with three ladies at Village of Arbour Trails

photo (4).JPG

Original Recording Date: May 2018

Guests: (Brant Ave PS) Gurvir interviewing Jazzy, Alex and Langston interviewing William, and Alex and Jazzy interviewing one of Brant PS’ youngest authors “CJ London”.  (Village of Arbour Trails) part two of my conversation with the three ladies in the cafe.

This episode features two short interviews, followed by an exclusive interview with CJ London, one of Brant Ave PS‘ youngest authors. 8 year old CJ was interviewed by Alex and Jazzy, and was kind enough to read from his new book.  Then the show goes over to the second half of my chat with some of the women over at The Village of Arbour Trails retirement home. Music by Bethany Klapwyk’s new project “Rose Hips”. 


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