47 – The Junction – “On the Presence of Being”


Original Recording Date: July 6th 2016

Guests: Luca, Caitlin McClaren and Annie Corbin

My first guest Luca was a fantastic young boy who used to live in the Junction, but recently moved to Windsor with his family.  He starts as my interviewee, but quickly moves on to the role of “Interviewer” and between that and his Walkie-Talkie antics we had a really enjoyable time.  For the second part of the episode Luca’s mom Caitlin and her friend Annie came on to talk about the 10-week course titled: “On the Presence of Being”, otherwise nicknamed “The Laurence Course”.  It was a fascinating conversation about a course I’m still trying to wrap my head around – a course full of interesting homework like “separating fact from story”, “not gossiping and noticing the presence of other gossiping, and “noticing and keeping track of when random thoughts enter your head”, all as a means of self-discovery and clarity.  It’s a pretty interesting conversation and just scratches the surface of what has clearly been a deeply impactful course for these folks.

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