48 – The Junction – “Summer Chef School”

summer chef school
Original recording date: July 6th 2016
Guest: Kyle Corbin, “Summer Chef School”
Kyle came on the radio to talk about the program he helps run, called “Summer Chef School”  This conversation blew my mind in terms of what these folks are teaching and presenting to children – totally inspiring and mind-opening, and made me reallllly exciting to save up some funds to enrol my kids!  Here’s the description taken from their site:
“Our students learn about cooking real food from real ingredients. They leave with new skills, increased confidence and an appreciation for the value and importance of what we eat. We continue to believe in the idea that motivated kids can accomplish anything and that learning is easier and more meaningful when the student is engaged and having fun.
Summer Chef School creates a full menu of fun planned for kids, designed to boost confidence, strengthen core cooking abilities and promote an appreciation for authentic food. We have Culinary Programs & classes for kids ages 5 – 18 (age depending on culinary program / class)”

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