131 -Kidsability: “Rockin’ Rainbow Notes” and Norfolk Manor (Tom)

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 11.29.17 AM.png

Original Recording Date: August 2018

Guests: The Rockin’ Rainbow Notes (Kidsability), and Tom (Norfolk Manor)

This episodes includes many interviews with the “Rockin’ Rainbow Notes” – Rockin’ Rainbow notes is a collaborative project between KidsAbility Centre for Child Development Rainbow Day Camp and The University of Guelph‘s International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation. They worked with DJ Cheldon, AKA SlowPitchSound to put on a free performance at this year’s Guelph Jazz Festival at 1pm on the Saturday – September 15th – at the TD Main Stage in Market Square.  It was pretty special! I chatted with one of the day camp leaders a little bit about the project, and then interviewed individual participants about the performance, but also about their hobbies and interests. We definitely have a few video game lovers in the group ❤️

For the second part of the show I head over to NorfolkManor retirement residence where I speak with Tom about life during and following the war, and moving to Guelph to work for Guelph Hydro Inc.

[audio “http://media.blubrry.com/cfrumobile/archive.cfru.ca/archive/podcasts/MCR/MCR%20Show%20132.mp3

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