124 – Brant Ave PS – Kristen Tilley, and Dan Evans – Lakeside Hope House Back Pack Drive

Kristin Tilley Back Pack drive

Original Recording Date: June 2018

Guests: Dan Evans and Kristen Tilley, interviewed by students at Brant Ave PS

For this episode we head back over to Brant Ave PS where some of the grade sixes have interviewed Kristen from Lakeside HOPE House and Dan from the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition about the “Guelph Community Backpack Drive”.

Every year, HOPE House organizes the city-wide Back-to-School Backpack program in partnership with other community service groups. They work to ensure that as many children as possible receive brand new backpacks with those supplies needed for students to be fully prepared, helping them to feel confident as they return to school.

Once again students at Brant Ave PS prepared all their own questions, hosted, recorded and edited this entire interview. I’m so proud of them! Tune in to hear the wonderful results of this wonderful effort!

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