123 – Brant Ave PS (Alex, Noah and Matthew, and an interview with the Mayor of Guelph!) and Village of Riverside Glen (Jeff)

Mayor interview.jpg

Original Recording Date: May 2018

Guests: (Brant Ave) Alex interviewing Matthew and Noah and radio students of Brant interviewing Mayor Cam Guthrie, (Village of Riverside Glen) volunteers Brady and Otis interviewing Riverside Glen Resident Jeff

Today’s episode starts at Brant, with Alex interviewing two Kindergarteners, Matthew and Noah. Then we’ll hear the Brant Ave Student’s interview with Guelph’s Mayor Cam Guthrie! These students prepared all their own questions and did all of their own production and editing, and they did an incredible job! To end the show we head over to the Village of Riverside Glen where CFRU volunteers Brady Patterson and Otis Magoffin chat with Riverside Glen resident, Jeff. Music on today’s episode features Property and Amaryllis Tape.

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