Show 116 – Brant Ave PS (Japjeet, Danya, Jazzy and Alex) and Village of Riverside Glen (Scotty Hertz interviewing Jim Hunt)

fishnets and jeans

Original Recording Date: April 2018

Guests: (Brant Ave) Japjeet, Jazzy, Alex, and Danya, (Village of Riverside Glen) Scotty Hertz interviewing Jim Hunt

The first half of this episode sees the return to Brant Ave. PS where four grade five girls experimented with recording and interviewing for the first time.  They did an awesome job!  Lot’s of good (and funny) questions.  Very solid for first-time interviewers.

The second half sees the return of Jim Hunt, a resident from The Village of Riverside Glen, this time being interviewed by long-time CFRU volunteer Scotty Hertz – Jim was a physics prof at the University of Guelph, and back when they were building our Physics building Jim advocated for dedicated space for a student-run radio station, and got us our first donation of equipment. He’s the reason we have CFRU!

Music today from Cubs Refrain, Brad De Roo, and Wax Mannequin

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