Show 115 – Brant Ave PS (Neil, Chris, and Zac) and Village of Arbour Trails (Natasha’s piano performance and interview)

Arbour Trails lobby

Original Recording Date: March 2018

Guests: (Brant Ave PS) Chris, Neil and Zac, (Arbour Trails) a performance and interview with Natasha Culibrk

The beginning of the show takes us over to Brant Ave PS where Chris and Neil interview Zac. Then we head over to The Village of Arbour Trails retirement home for an interview with Natasha Culibrk; Natasha is a student here at the U of G, with a placement at Stone Lodge retirement home, who is also a composer/performer on piano – I recorded her beautiful piano performance at Arbour Trails, and we chatted about her work in the retirement community, and her life as a piano player and university student. Tune in to hear these interviews, Natasha’s beautiful music, as well as songs by “AMC Gremlin” (Andrew Collins), “Shopkeeper” (Scott Haynes) and a track of music from Joyful Joyful (Meryl Cormac) recorded live on “The Golden Bus”

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