60 – Onward Willow – Bev & Trudy, Gunsum, Moe, and Ferol


Original Recording Date: October 17th 2016

Guests: Bev & Trudy, Gunsum, Moe, and Ferol

This a wonderful cross section of the folks who utilize the Onward Willow Centre and dedicate their time to make the space run.  Bev and Trudy have been married for 25 years, and have lived in lots of areas of Guelph, including the Willow Neighbourhood where they live now.  They are incredible supporters of this neighbourhood, as well as Guelph in general, frequenting downtown often and supporting many downtown merchants.  They have interesting and important points about the lack of bus shelters or benches in the Onward Willow area.

Gunsum came through the space to check out the items on the give-away shelves, and despite him not speaking a word on English, and me not speaking any Hindi, we still sat down together to spend some time on radio.  We did manage to communicate about favourite foods 🙂

Moe has been a volunteer in the clothing room here at Onward Willow for four years.  The clothing room is an important asset here at the space – they are always in need of more donations, and more volunteers.  The clothing room has free clothing anyone can come and take for free

Ferol volunteers here at the front desk at Onward Willow, as well as helping in the clothing room and with the Women’s Group.  She has been a volunteer for many organizations for decades, and is a huge part of this space.  She grew up in this neighbourhood in Guelph, and moved when she got married in 1968, and now in her older age she has moved back to this neighbourhood in 2010.  The Onward Willow complex is built on the plot of her original family farm – when she was born, she arrived back to the farm that was here, which was owned by her grandparents.  What is now the paved access to the complex, used to be a dirt path up to the original homestead.  She tells wonderful stories of horse-drawn sleigh rides and life with her family then and now – she has children and grandchildren who live here in the neighbourhood and also volunteer at the space.  She is a true gem.

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