Special: Polestar Hearth interview at the Junction

Polestar bread 1.jpeg

Original Recording Date August 3rd 2016

Guest: Jesse, Polestar Hearth

Polestar Hearth is a local independent bread business run by Jesse Merrill.  Jesse has been a staple in Guelph for years, providing home-made bread to families through his bread share, markets, and stores and can be spotted all over town on bread deliveries.  Soon Guelph will be lucky enough to have a dedicated Polestar Hearth storefront.  We most recently re-connected at the Junction, where I was recording radio at the weekly potlucks, and Jesse was located for his bread-share pick ups.  We chatted about being an entrepreneur, taking chances to make a business out of something you love, Guelph, homesteading, family, locally sourcing food, and of course, bread.

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