11 – Two Rivers – “Community Gardens”

community garden two rivers.jpgOriginal Recording Dates August 27th and September 10th

Guests: Ryan Ritskes (Two Rivers) and Michael Schimp (Community Garden coordinator, self-employed gardener/carpenter/songwriter)

Michael moved to the ward just over two years ago with his partner and young daughter.  He is self employed at designing and installing garden infrastructure for people in their yards.  He is a very talented carpenter, but his heart lies in gardening and making music.  He voluntarily coordinates the two different Two Rivers community gardens, which is a huge amount of work, with magical results.  Ryan is a neighbourhood support worker, but in addition he is an apprentice bread-baker and farmer.  He is continually working towards being able to create or grow everything needed to sustain himself, and be off-grid in terms of purchasing food.  The two work together on the gardens, and it’s a pretty powerful combination of skills and motivations.  I know very little about gardening and I LOVED this conversation.

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