10 – Two Rivers – “Amy Bazinet & Karen Houle”

karenhouleOriginal recording dates July 30th and August 20th 2015

Guests: Amy Bazinet (and her two sons), and Karen Houle

I put this episode together in two parts – two amazing women who live in the ward, both mothers, and both powerfully creative people – Amy makes and sells beautiful crafts from home while caring for her two sons, Jasper (a toddler) and Harris (a baby).  The summer of 2014 she organized an amazing Two Rivers community party outside the neighbourhood space at Tytler school.  Karen is a Philosophy Professor at the university of Guelph, and a writer, and grandmother.  I often see Amy out on strolls with her sons, and Karen out riding her bike or walking her dog. I’m really happy they both had the chance to visit the mobile studio – it is nice to hear the voices of women working and creating and mothering out of the ward.


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