5 – Two Rivers – “Alison Walton, Hidden Histories”

Alison Post 5.JPG

Original Recording Date July 20th 2015

Guest: Alison Walton, Visual Artist

Alison Walton was a guest suggested to me by her partner Jay Wilson.  Alison is a local visual artist, and her and Jay created a short film contribution to the Guelph Film Festival’s “Hidden Histories” series – the film features Alison rendering the ward’s “Chemtura Factory” in pastel, with Jay singing a song of narration.  This factory is located right in the center of the ward at Alice st. and Huron st., and can be seen from pretty much everywhere.  Alison came on to the show to talk to me about her relationship with drawing throughout her life.  Their film screened during the 2015 Guelph Film Festival.

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