170 – North End Harvest Market Resource Night


Original Recording Date: July 2019

Guests:  Viktorija Arsic (host), various community members and various organizations

Today’s episode was recorded over at the recent “Community Resource Night” at the North End Harvest Market – volunteer Viktorija and I broadcasted from the event, and she interviewed several children who were at the event, Barb McPhee (who coordinates the Market) and many of the different organizations that were tabling there including The Family Counciling and Support Centre,Family and Children’s Health Services, Guelph Family Health TeamWe Breastfeed & Chestfeed – Guelph Community Health CentreThe Community Health Van – Guelph WellingtonIndigenous Healing & Wellness Program Wellington-WaterlooYorklands Green Hub, Second Chance Employment Counciling, eMERGE, and The SEED Community Food Project. Tune in! Learn about what these amazing groups have to offer!

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