158 – Village of Arbour Trails – Ann

embroidery up close

Original Recording Date: March 2019

Guest: Ann

For this episode I connected with Ann at The Village of Arbour Trails. Ann and I connected on a really special level, she was initially a little guarded with me in a way that I really appreciated. When she trusted that my intentions were good, we talked about the challenges of traditional models of education, the importance of having other people to talk to, and shared stories of stubbornness that were funny and real. Ann’s big message is about listening – listening to the seniors in the spaces, and really hearing them, if you want to run programs or offer them services, involve them in that process. Stubbornness is born out of seeing yourself not included, and it can achieve great things, but so can open and honest conversation. Ann was amazing for this. I hope you like the show! Music today is by “Property”. 

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