156 – Village of Riverside Glen (Jim Hunt, talking about CFRU’s history), Willow Road PS (Grade eight media class, discussing the changes to their health curriculum)

Jim & Otis

Original Recording Date: Feb 2019

Guests: Jim Hunt (Village of Riverside Glen), Willow Road PS Grade eight media class

This episode returns to The Village of Riverside Glen where I speak with Jim Hunt – Jim has become a dear friend at this point, he has been on the radio in the past, talking about his history in Guelph, and his history with CFRU and community radio. Today we speak about aging and life at Riverside Glen. It’s really beautiful and heartfelt and worth listening to, especially if you don’t get a lot of chances to hear this perspective from folks. The second part of the episode returns to Willow Road Public School, where grade eight media students speak with their peers about their thoughts on the changes to their health curriculum.

It’s a powerful episode!

Music today by Fred Eaglesmith and “Andi”

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