141 – Old Post Office (Monigram Coffee, Maker Space), Willow Road PS (role-play)

Monigram coffee roasters.jpg

Original Recording Date: October 2018

Guests: Monica (Monigram Coffee Roasters), Jeremy (Old Post Office Maker Space), students at Willow Road Public School (Role-play of History Prof, and Griphons athlete)

First I head over to Idea Exchange – Old Post Office for the first two sections of the show, with interviews with Monica of Monigram Coffee Roasters and then Jeremy, who is the team lead of the Old Post Office Maker Space. It’s an incredible building, and every conversation I have there is interesting and inspiring. At around the 40 minute mark of the show you’ll hear two interviews from Willow Road Public School, where the students are doing some “role play” interviews, pretending to be the guests they hope to at some point interview. Today the students act as a history professor, and as a Guelph Griphons athlete. I love this eclectic episode! Maybe you will too! Music today is new music by Belle Miners(who are playing a house concert in Guelph on Nov 9th) and The World Provider who have just released a new album. Tune in!


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