138 – Day 1 “Old Post Office” / Idea Exchange (Galt, Cambridge)

Idea Echange old post office, photo 1.jpgtoday

Original Recording Date: September 2019

Guests: Cathy (Director of Public Exchange/Manager), Bonnie St. Pierre (Old Post Office patron), and Helen (Chief Executive Officer) 

This episode takes us over to Idea Exchange – Old Post Office in downtown Galt for our debut radio visit there. I had three wonderful guests while I was there, guests one and three are members of staff who were instrumental in the creation and restoration of this space, who share with me pieces of the history, the aspirations, and the achievements. And guest number two was visiting the space to meet people, and shared with me her aspirations to meet more people in the community, and she became my friend in radio in the process. Some real special stuff in this one.

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