127 – Brant Ave PS, Ben Grossman (Hurdy Gurdy performance and interview) and student interviews

photo (5).JPG

Original recording date: June 2018

Guests: Ben Grossman, Brant Ave PS students

Guelph’s own Ben Grossman came to Brant Ave PS, performed on the Hurdy Gurdy and was interviewed by my radio students. Totally fun! The end of the show features a couple interviews with the students as well (Jalele talking about how lucky they were to have the radio project really warmed my heart ❤️)

Music is from Ben, of course, and also a song from Erin Muir (Wrote) recorded at the NCRC radio conference in June, Jean-Philippe Murray at the same conference (singing the “Skar song” from the Lion King, in French) and a track from one of Robin Cherry’s new albums.

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