113 – Brant Ave PS (Abdullah, Maha and Nderim discuss Running and Reading) and Village of Riverside Glen (Jack Stevenson & his daughter Cheryl)

Old puslinch farm.jpg

Original Recording Date: January 2018

Guests: (At Brant) Abdullah, Maha and Nderim (At Village of Riverside Glen) Jack Stevenson and Cheryl Davis

At Brant Ave PS Abdullah, Maha, and Nderim discuss their favourite and least-favourite parts of Running and Reading.  Their favourite part?  Running?  Their least favourite part?  The choices of books.  This is a precursor to the students’ more in-depth Running and Reading Documentary.

For the second half of the show we head over to the Village of Riverside Glen retirement home where I speak with retired Puslinch Township farmer Jack Stevenson, and his daughter Cheryl.  It’s a big transition going from farming all his life (living alone on his farm for the past twenty of those years) to living at Village of Riverside Glen, but Jack seems to be taking to it quite well, and is walking more than he has in years.

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