107 – NORFOLK MANOR – BARBARA’S BUS ADVENTURES PART 7 (Final Part), & Kim Atkins (performance)


Original Recording Date: October and December 2017

Guests: Barbara, Kim Atkins

This is the FINAL segment with Barb from NorfolkManor. The first half of the show is Part 7 of her epic tale of travel from England to India in the early 60’s on a converted bus with her family and her friend’s family. Then for the second half you’ll hear recordings from a live performance from Kim Atkins, performing over at Norfolk Manor. This episode includes a brief interview with Kim, and then some more Barb – this was recorded the first day I met Barb, before I found out about the bus trip, and we spoke about life in the Retirement Home. It’s a special episode, I hope you like it!

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