103 – NORFOLK MANOR – BARBARA’S BUS ADVENTURES PART 3, & Two Rivers’ “Pumpkin Promenade”

Pumpkin promenade

Original Recording Date: November 2017

Guests: Barbara, various folks from the Pumpkin Promenade

This is part 3 of Barbara over at NorfolkManor telling the story of her travels from England to India in a bus in the 60’s. Herself, her husband, her three children, her best friend and best friend’s husband and their child, purchased a bus and set out for New Zealand. It is truly magical. First half of the episode is Barbara, second half is a recording from this past Halloween’s “Pumpkin Promenade” over at Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group.  The Pumpkin Promenade is an annual event that provides a fun and exciting way for folks to dispose of their pumpkins after Halloween – folks drop off their carved pumpkins to the park between 2pm and 6pm and include a small candle. At 6pm volunteers light all the candles, and folks are invited to walk the path and enjoy their neighbours’ pumpkin carving creations.   Some people arrive dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and at various points there is a parade of costumes and musicians.  After the event the pumpkins are taken to a farm where they are fed to pigs.  It’s very magical.

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