88 – Grange Hill East NG – Toddlers, and “Estate of the Art Landscapes”

estate of the art landscapes

Original Recording date: May 4th

Guests: TODDLERS!  So many toddlers, and Kate from “Estate of the Art Landscapes”

So many more toddlers!  Toddlers every morning!  There are some pretty good toddler chats in this episode.  And between the toddlers, I speak with one of the toddler’s mom’s Kate, from “Estate of the Art Landscapes”  About Estate of the Art Landscapes:

“Estate of the Art Landscapes is a unique company that brings together conventional landscaping services and organic land care. As a husband and wife team, we understand family needs and the value of having an outdoor space to enjoy and share. We also understand the value of legacy – we want our actions to have a lasting positive impact. We believe that taking care of our landscapes, and yours, is one way that we can create a legacy together.”

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