81 – Village of Riverside Glen Retirement Home – Jean, “Elder Wisdom”, and Marlene

elder wisdom.jpg

Original Recording dates: March 3rd, March 17th, and April 7th

Guests: Jean, Meghan (Elder Wisdom Campaign), and Marlene

This episode features three different days’ worth of recordings.  The first segment is Jean, coming to read a story from her life, that was originally featured in the Guelph Mercury.

Then I spoke with Meghan who works at the Village of Riverside Glen, about the Schlegel Villages Elder Wisdom Campaign  – this is an excerpt from their campaign: “Ageism is a form of discrimination, particularly experienced by seniors.  Our Elders have a great deal of wisdom to contribute to their communities.  However, societal norms marginalize seniors, treat them with disrespect, make them feel unwelcome and otherwise generalize as if they were all the same.  In June we celebrate the Wisdom of the Elder through a Social Media campaign called #ElderWisdom.  Join us this June as Seniors from accross Schlegel Villages will visit their local High School and share wisdom with students.”

Third is my interview with Marlene from St. Patrick’s Day when I visited Riverside Glen, and brought my son Otis with me.  Totally fun.

Hope you like it!

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