75 – Shaker, Ball 4 All, Shake True Hoops


Original Recording Date: February 13th 2017

Guest: Steve “Shaker” Cuevas

Steve “Shaker” Cuevas, founder of Shake True Hoops Basketball Development Services in Guelph, initiated Ball 4 All in 2007. He saw a growing need for access to skills programs for all who wished to participate, regardless of barriers of transportation and cost. In founding Ball 4 All, he sought to remove these barriers to access and provide high-level basketball training to those who were not previously able to attend his sessions.  In this interview we talk a lot about his program, and his history growing up in Montreal and his life with basketball.  You can find out more about Ball 4 All and Shake True Hoops by visiting http://ball4all.ca/ and http://www.shaketruehoops.com/

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