72 – Onward Will0w – Cheryl, Angel & Martha speak about donating, the “Women’s Empowerment Group” , & the “Yarn and Yap”


Original Recording Dates: January 9th & January 25th 2017

Guests: Cheryl, Angel, & Martha

This episode is a fantastic examples of the types of services people are contributing as volunteers to Onward Willow.  Cheryl came in one morning to drop off a donation of household items for residents of Onward Willow, something she does several times a year.  Angel organizes Onward Willow “Women’s Empowerment Group”, and would encourage any woman interested in skill sharing and/or making friends to join them (Every Wednesday from 2-4pm at the Onward Willow Community Centre –  15 Willow Rd. Unit K45.)  Martha has started up a “Yarn and Yap” – a program focusing on Crochet Therapy and its role in combatting anxiety and depression.  It free for anyone of any skill-level, and happens every Tuesday with drop-in hours from 10am-2pm at “Lakeside Hope House” 75 Norfolk st.

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