65 – Onward Willow – “Max and “Martha”

Toca for Max.jpg

Original Recording Date: November 2nd, 2016

Guests: Max and Martha

On this episode I had the very special pleasure of speaking with Max, an eight year old trans youth from the Onward Willow Neighbourhood.  Max was born male, identifies as female, and continues to use the pronouns “He” and “they”.  I consider our conversation to be very lucky for me, and a very positive outcome of an otherwise negative situation: Max is homeschooled due to bullying, and because of related-troubles created by staff at his previous elementary school, where his unique situation was dealt with really inappropriately.  It is heartbreaking to hear of older people in professional situations dismissing the issues of young students, and dealing with them in a way that is hurtful and emotionally damaging, especially in situations involving little people as vulnerable as I can imagine an eight-year-old-trans youth would feel.  The reason I feel it is a positive outcome is because since Max is homeschooled, he gets to spend time with his incredibly supportive mother, and gets opportunities like being on the radio!  Through here, Max shares some of his story, and gets a voice, while his bullies have to be in school.  They may be mean, but they don’t get to be on the radio like Max does – so take THAT bullies!!!  Thank you sooooo much to Max and his wonderful mother for braving the radio.  I hope through my relating-rambles that you felt as warm and glowy as I did.

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