57 – Special – Deb & Barb, Guelph Studio Tour


Original Recording Date: October 6th 2016

Guests: Barb Bryce and Deb Dryden

In this episode I spoke with Barbara Bryce and Deb Dryden, two visual artists who were part of this year’s Guelph Studio Tour 2016 which featured 44 different visual artists at 27 different locations. Pretty awesome. You can find more details about the Studio tour by going to http://guelphstudiotour.ca but also listen to the episode! Barb works with glass, and Deb works in encaustic (wax). They make beautiful art and it was really fun to converse about where they find their inspirations. The episode also features music from Felicity Hamer (Le Hot Club de Ma Rue) and Kris Demeanor and Cutest Kitten Ever

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