29 – Brant – “Syrian Sponsorship”


Syrian family in the mercury
Photo from the Guelph Mercury

Original Recording Date: January 27th 2016

Guest: Jeremy

Jeremy is a Brant avenue resident who is part of a group who – with support from the Mennonite Central Committee – have sponsored a six-person refugee family arriving to Guelph from Syria (via Jordan)  He came to talk to me about the excitement (and challenges) of the sponsorship process, and some of the various ways we can help out.

We are really lucky to have multiple groups and organizations assisting with this process.  The Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership has a great site with many links to information, other groups, and FAQs.  This is from their website:

“Millions of Syrians have been displaced by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Canadians have opened their hearts and communities before to people experiencing war and persecution, and we have benefited beyond measure when refugees have been settled and integrated into the Canadian fabric. The Government of Canada has committed to welcoming 25,000-35,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016, many of whom will be privately sponsored. Guelph Wellington will receive between 300 and 400 refugees.”

Find out more through their link: http://guelphwellingtonlip.ca/news/refugee-supports-in-guelph-wellington/

To find out more about the Mennonite Central Committee visit http://mcccanada.ca/learn/what/relief/syria

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