27 – Brant – “BANG Youth Group”


Original Recording Date December 17th, 2015

Guests: The “BANG” (Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group) Youth Group: Zach, N’Quay, Max, Awob, Drew, and “MC Milkdud”

This amazing episode was put together by the fantastic “BANG Youth Empowerment Team”, otherwise known as the “BANG Youth Group”  The BANG youth group is run by Drew, and aims to give teenagers some opportunities to work on life skills, in the context of hanging out with their friends.  I went to one of their hang out nights, and it struck me as having the magic of “The Breakfast Club”.  It was really fun.  This radio show has quizzes, interviews, beats by DJ N’Quake…so many highlights, but I especially enjoyed the exclusive interview with “MC Milkdud” and N’Quay’s advice to would-be-bullies.

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