33 – Parkwood – “Thato – Analog Sound System”

Analog sound system

Original Recording Date: March 8th, 2016

Guest: Thato (Khadaffi) 

Thato is a local DJ who is part of an awesome crew called “Analog Soundsystem” who run lots of Reggae and Funk and Hip Hop dance nights and events in Guelph.  He also lives in Parkwood Gardens, has a two year old daughter.  He came on the air to talk about the neighbourhood group, growing up playing music in Guelph, and to promote their upcoming event on St. Patrick’s Day (Thursday March 17th) at Royal Electric, and their new Friday night DJ nights at Doogies.  Check out Thato’s radio show on CFRU on Saturdays from 4-6pm.  We had a lot of fun – stay tuned for more Thato on the Mobile Community Radio show in the future!

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