17 – Brant – “Nicki, Shelley, Taylor and Sarah”

broomOriginal recording dates: October 8th, October 13th, October 22nd 2015

Guests: Nicki (amazing Brant Avenue volunteer), Shelley (runs her own cleaning business “Shelley’s Clean Sweep”), Taylor and Sarah (University Students, intern placement students through “New Life Church”)

This episode was a fun cross-section of Brant avenue volunteers – Nicki has worked as a volunteer for Brant for years, on-site helping out on almost a daily basis, and she is an integral piece in the smooth functioning of Brant’s various programs.  Shelley I caught on one of her first days as a volunteer at Brant, and we chatted about her new entrepreneurial career.  I caught Taylor and Sarah on their first day at Brant too, the first day they were even meeting each other.  Both are students at the university of Guelph, on site to help out with the activities at Brant as placement students through the “New Life Church.”

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