3 – Two Rivers – “Daycamp, Matthew and Gillian, and Hillside”

Hillside post 3.jpg

Original Recording Dates July 2nd and July 16th 2015

Guests: Two-Rivers-Neighbourhood-campers, and Matthew Forbes (local film-maker, coffee maker, music experimenter) and Gillian Elder (Visual Artist and dog-lover)

The first half of this episode I edited together some highlights from my spontaneous day-camp guests – half of my drop-in hours corresponded with the daycamp snack break, and some of the children were pretty excited about the radio.  The second half of the show features Matthew and Gillian, who had just met this day through me, because Gillian was going to be dog-sitting for Matthew.  We talked about what we enjoyed about Guelph, and upcoming music festivals (particularly Hillside, and this episode aired just before this year’s festival)

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